Welcome to Camp Manitou!

Picture a beach waterfront, camper cabins and main lodge set in a mixed pine forest, a backdrop of white quartzite hills, islands dotting the bay of shimmering clear water.


This is Camp Manitou, a non-profit, volunteer-run summer residential camp in the Bay of Islands, 12 kilometres west of Whitefish Falls, Ontario.

Video: Ryan Mariotti


  • Three cheers for the dedicated volunteers at Junior boy's camp. Our grandson Joel came home this morning, tired and happy. He had the time of his life. – Richard M.
  • Best camp EVER! Our boys were super excited for the week; thanks for sharing the pics! – Crystal F.
  • Thank you to everyone at Camp Manitou for making our daughter's week amazing. She was asking to go back the moment she got off the boat and cannot wait for next summer. – Ashley R.