A typical day of program at Manitou


7:30 am — wake-up
8:00 am — breakfast
8:45 am — chores (campers do their own dishes as well as other camp chores)
9:30 am — morning program (hike, games, canoeing for example)
11:45 am — swim
12:30 pm — lunch
1:15 pm — cabin quiet time (younger camps)
2:00 pm — afternoon program
4:15 pm — swim
5:00 pm — supper
6:30 pm — games
7:30 pm — campfire/snack
9:00 pm — in cabin

Program is designed by the Camp Director and typically consists of activities and opportunities not found at home. A variety of large and small group activities geared to the age of the camp is included. Campers have responsibility and input into their program while the Camp Director insures that program allows development of friendships, skills, and nature appreciation. Activities for rainy weather are part of the planning as is consideration of length of exposure to sunshine during hot days. Above all it is flexible and fun.

Leaders and youth have been sharing summer camping experiences here since the 1920s.

Physical facilities include:

  • ten sleep cabins
  • main lodge
  • dining hall with stone fireplace
  • outdoor chapel
  • volleyball and basketball courts
  • playing field
  • hiking trails
  • an excellent sandy swimming area
  • boathouse
  • sauna, outdoor privies,
  • wood/solar shower house and solar powered lights

Activities include canoeing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, campcraft, nature study, field games, and more. Skilled and enthusiastic volunteers provide program leadership, while others support camp operation from the kitchen to the tractor garage.

Manitou offers a range of camp sessions for children and families in July and August. Volunteer opportunities are available from June to September.

Camp Manitou has been an accredited member of the Ontario Camps Association since 1996.

If you have further questions regarding program for a particular camp, please contact the Camp Director.