Corina Sarre

Corina has been an active part of camp for over 10 years. She started her time at Manitou as camper enjoying everything camp had to offer. Several years later she returned as a lifeguard. Now she is a director for several years and plays an active part in camp planning all year round.

“ The thing I look forward to the most is being able to give these campers the same experience I once had as a kid. Camp is such a special place to me and I truly look forward to it all year round.”

Corina aims to provide a fun filled week to create memories and friendships that last a life time. She keeps campers on their toes with her high energy and always fun surprises. She searches across Ontario for the best councillors and team members to bring a fun and enjoyable week that you wouldn’t be able to experience in any other place but Camp Manitou. Camp is place where you can be yourself, be silly, make friends, and have more fun than you could imagine



Melanie Landry has been volunteering at Camp Manitou for 25 years and Directing the trail seekers camp for 8 years now. She has 2 daughters who attend Junior girls also. Melanie is a Registered Nurse specializing in Mental Health and Addictions. She loves the outdoors and is passionate about preserving the beauty and simplicity of Camp Manitou. For her, Manitou is a place of reprieve and reflection, it shows the true and innocent beauty of the world. A place to unplug and for children to be children again.


Frederic Diebel

Frederic has been a long-time active member of the Camp Manitou community. Frederic has been involved at Camp Manitou as a camper, lifeguard, counsellor, and has assisted his brothers (Simon and Sebastian) in directing Pathfinders. The leadership camp will include a week in camp training and helping with the Pathfinders program. The second week will include further training in the beautiful waters and islands of the North Channel. Activities are designed to build leadership and camp skills.

In his spare time, Frederic is a student at Carleton University in Ottawa pursuing an honours in political science. He is very politically active in his community and is currently serving as the Deputy Mayor for his home town of Nairn Centre, Ontario. He enjoys curling, canoeing, and hiking.


Rowan Gilmour

Rowan started attending camp before she could even talk. Growing up with Camp Manitou being a huge part of her life, Rowan knows all the great things camp has to offer. She has volunteered with camp over the years, in many different areas of camp including, cooking, maintenance, councillor, manager, and now director.


Rowan loves spending every moment of her summer at camp and enjoying the outdoors. She is a professional bracelet maker at camp and is happy to share her talents with campers. As the program leader of the LIT program, she is excited to help young ladies realize their unique talents for themselves. Rowan is a passionate leadership advocate, and throughout the week she has many things planned to help build self-confidence, responsibility, creativity, but most important just have fun.



Sebastien Diebel & Simon Diebel

The year 2020 will mark the 8th year that the duo directs Pathfinders (Junior Boys) Camp. At Pathfinders, campers can expect a week that include: swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sticks, capture the flag, and of course fantastic food!


When not at Camp Manitou, Simon works for General Electric and lives in Little Current, Ontario. Sebastian lives in Sudbury and is currently a student at The Northern Ontario School of Medicine.


Aidan Wharton

Aidan is a long time member of the Camp Manitou community. He has been a camper, counsellor, lifeguard and is currently the Camp Director of Highlanders (Sr Boys). At Highlanders, campers can look forward to a very active week outdoors including paddling, hiking, court and field sports, as well as learning camping and leadership skills.


In his free time Aidan enjoys spending time with his wife, his friends/family and his dog, preferably outdoors! While away from Camp Manitou, Aidan works as an Emergency Physician in both Sudbury and Espanola hospitals.